These cables are suitable for indoor and industrial applications for signal transmission. These can be easily used with their flexible construction in narrow applications like; electronic control systems of computer or audio systems or in communication sector, electronic circuits, measurement devices, machine design, office equipment, etc.
ConductorAccording to IEC, BS, EN 60228 and VDE 0295 standards;
Class 5, Stranded Electrolytic Annealed Copper
InsulationAccording to EN 50290-2, HD 21.1.S4 and VDE 0281 standards; TI2, PVC
Insulation Color CodeDIN 47100
StrandingAll cores stranded in layers
SeperatorPolyester Tape
Screen Tinned Copper Wire Braiding
Outer SheathAccording to BS, EN 50290-2 and VDE 0207 standards; TM1, PVC
Outer Sheath Color CodeGrey, RAL 7001
Reference StandardsVDE 0812
Flame TestEN, IEC, BS and DIN 60332-1-2 (VDE 0482-332-1-2)
Technical Characteristics 
Conductor Resistance77.8 Ω/km
Insulation Resistance>200 M.Ωxkm
Core-Core Capacitance100 nF/km
Core-Screen Capacitance150 nF/km
Operating Voltage300V/500V
Test Voltage1200V
Operating Temperature RangeFixed; -30 °C … +70 °C, Flexible; -5 °C … +70 °C
Minumun Bending RadiusFixed; 7.5xD, Flexible; 15xD
Nominal Cross-SectionOverall Diameter (Approx.)Net Weight (Approx.)Standard Delivery Length
n x mm²mmkg/kmm