RG 59 B U

Used for broadband transmission of radio, TV, video and data signals. Applicable up to GHz-a level, with low attenuation and low signal distortion. Permitted only indoor application, exceptionally also outdoor, under protection against sunlight.
ConductorØ 0.58 mm Copper Clad Steel Wire 
InsulationØ 3.70 mm Solid Polyethylene
ScreenAnnealed Copper Wire Braid (70% Coverage)
Outer SheathØ 6.15 mm PVC (Black)
Reference StandardsEN 50117, TS 2637 IEC 60096-1, TS 5757 IEC 60096-3 
Flame TestEN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2
Technical Characteristics
Impedence70 ± 3 Ω
Mutual Capacitance67 pF/m
Velocity of Propagation0.66
Insulation Resistance>2000 M.Ωxkm
Operating Temperature Range-40°C ... +70°C
Operating Voltage1.5 kV
Test Voltage3.0 kV
Minumun Bending Radius5xD

Electrical Characteristics
dB/100 m